Welcome to Greenwoods Cottage!

The pleasures of the city and the joys of the country

Between Maastricht and Valkenburg, at the top of the Cauberg, (the secret pride of Limburg: our very own Cauberg ‘Mountain’) you’ll find the tiny village of Vilt.

From the cottage door you can step outside and walk onto the path leading down to the lovely river Geul and the Geuldal Valley. At Greenwoods Cottage the peace of the Limburg landscape is there for you to enjoy, the gentle hills with church steeples on the horizon (such as the one in nearby Berg en Terblijt), the green rolling fields and the meandering river Geul.

Discover the Geuldal, the valley of the river, you might see deer, wild boar, foxes, Galloways, Koniks horses, badgers and countless birds…. and through the woods it’s a short walk to Valkenburg. We’ll gladly lend you a detailed map.

Local information

There are many lovely hiking routes in the area. You only have to cross the street and you’re in the woods on your way to the Geul Valley. We have maps for all areas in the neighbourhood.

Not only walkers love our nick of the woods: it’s very exiting for cyclists – the Cauberg is renowned for its inclusion in various championship races. It’s a major challenge!

Walking down toward the Geul and following this lovely meandering river you’ll pass various places to stop: our favorite is De Koningswinkelhof (going down the street you turn right at a tourniquet and walk down the hill through the fields. A left turn and you’re there. Very friendly, good food and they’ll welcome your dog with a bowl of water. If you enter the woods at the path opposite the house you’ll walk down to the river. Follow it to the left and you’ll see wonderful Chateau Sint Gerlach. It has a Bistrot de Liege and a more formal restaurant and the recently opened Burgemeester Quicx, a newly beautifully restored farmhouse in the park.

Vue, on the way to St. Gerlach, has a great terrace with a view on a magnificent children’s playground with a giant wooden ship.

Valkenburg is an old fortress town with a castle ruin (the erstwhile seat of ‘the lords of Valkenburg’) dominating it. The ruin itself is a very interesting place to visit and is has an amazing view of the town and the surroundings. After seeing the caves and the Dutch Mining Museum, or a ride on the cable towards the Wilhelmina Tower (68 meters high) there are more restaurants and terraces than you’ll ever be able to visit during one stay.

Naturally Maastricht, the old lady on the Meuse, is the great attraction with all the streets and alleys, the sweet squares and its many shops and top-restaurants.

Visiting the Bonnefanten Museum is very worthwhile, as is the Museum aan het Vrijthof in one of the oldest buildings of the city. It was Charlemagne’s house at one time. You can still see murals of him and his good lady. Most exhibitions have Maastricht as their subjects.

Less well known, but extremely interesting is the Marres Gallery with its modern art and installations. The Syrian restaurant downstairs has delicious food and you can eat in the garden – weather permitting.

The MECC houses many congresses, from medical to culinary ones, book markets and the annual TEFAF, the most important art fair in the world. Aachen and Liege nearby are additional reasons for staying here. Both are only some 25 kilometers away from here. The area of the Voer, another of the rivers in this area, is attractive both for its nature and for the old inns and restaurants.

Villages like Fouron Saint Pierre and Teuven are well worth a visit. For those who read the books about Moresnet, the ‘country’ that has disappeared, you can go and see it. It’s an amazing historical place. Tell us your plans and interests and we’ll have the information ready for you.


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